Bible Study Videos

These videos are relaxed conversations and talks about the message of God's Word. Viewing them will give you a good start on understanding the Bible. They will increase the benefit of regular Bible reading and you will find you are making important progress. Just pick out the video that you would like to see and click view this video.

The Bible- A Manual for Life

God made us, He knows what we need, knows what makes us happy, productive, and healthy. God is in control and can provide what we need and arrange what happens to us. God loves those who try to please Him by believing in His Son and following His Word.

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Why Did God Write the Bible?

God had a definite purpose when He created the heavens and the earth and put men and women on it. Men and women are essential for that purpose. God wrote the Bible to explain His purpose and to guide mankind in how we are to help accomplish that purpose. Our Heavenly Father is creating a wonderful and beautiful world that will reflect His righteous and loving character.

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The Bible’s Use of Promises

We read in 2 Peter 1:4 that God has granted to the faithful “His precious and magnificent promises”. Almighty God has the power to keep His promises of Salvation and eternal life which He has given over and over again throughout the whole Bible, Old Testament and New Testament.

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Religious Confusion

There are many religions throughout the world, differing from one another in their beliefs and in how they carry out worship. Why should a person choose Christianity? There are many Christian denominations. What is the best way to select a church? The Bible, God’s Word, gives us a way to make good choices. We have to seek the way.

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has manifested (shown) itself in many ways as described in the Scriptures. The things that God has wanted to have accomplished have been done by His power of the Holy Spirit. He has caused the Scriptures to be written through the Holy Spirit. The early church, in the first century, was able to grow with the help of the Holy Spirit. God is in control of all things that happen in the world and in our lives by the power of His Holy Spirit.

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The Bible speaks of death as being the “falling asleep” of a person. They are unconscious, they cannot think or remember anything or do anything. All passages in the Bible which refer to death are consistent with this picture of falling asleep. When Christ returns, he will raise the dead who are to be judged out of the grave. It will be as though they have been waked out of a dreamless sleep. The persons raised who Christ judges to be faithful will be given immortality – eternal life.

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