The current Israel - Hamas and Ukrainian - Russian war crisis come on top of world conditions and world events which were already making people worry. Global warming, the Covid-19 virus, and immoral life styles are just a few of the things we hear about constantly.

Our heavenly Father has been warning us to turn away from sin, selfishness, materialism, and pride through the Bible. All the current problems should wake us up so that we will start to listen to Him

The web site name, Understand the Bible, gives you a feel for what we consider very important - to know and understand what the Bible actually says, so that you can have a relationship with God that is pleasing to Him. Understanding will come if you put the right kind of effort into it, including prayer.


We emphasize Bible study using written material. Well written material has the advantage that it can present the details of a subject so that you can learn about it thoroughly and master it. Also, you can learn at your own pace.

So, to help you understand God's Word, we have prepared written studies covering important Bible subjects. These free studies are interesting and easy to understand.

If you would like to receive the studies, click on Request and enter the information needed to send them to you.

Also choose whether you would like them be sent to you by email or by postal mail. You will receive seventeen very helpful studies. There is no charge or obligation.


Viewing videos is a good way to be introduced to ideas and major points from the Bible. To view the videos which Understand the Bible provides, click on See Bible Videos at the top of the home page to view excellent, lively conversations and talks. All of our material is free.


Currently, we are posting references for two Bible chapters to read each day on the Facebook page of the Pittsburgh Christadelphian Ecclesia. This Bible reading program is meant to help you learn to understand the Bible for yourself. We also post a discussion of a Bible subject each week on our Facebook page.


To go ahead with the written Bible studies, just let us know by requesting free materials. On the screen that comes up, check that you wish to receive the Bible studies, and give us the needed information. We’ll confirm hearing from you, and get things out to you.

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