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Dying To Live

The Bible’s Answer To Death

God created Adam from dust and the breath of life. He condemned him to death because he sinned, and Adam and all his descendants were to return to the dust they were made from. It is stated many times in the Bible that death is real, and is permanent (lasts forever) unless God restores a person to life (resurrection).

Jesus became the very first human whom God actually delivered forever from the cold hand of death. The resurrection of Jesus was the foundation of the Apostle’s belief in the resurrection.

Jesus’ words about Lazarus (John 11:11-14) show that when the Bible speaks about someone falling asleep, it means that they have died. Resurrection is like such a person waking from sleep. They rest in the grave for a time until Jesus decides to wake them from their “sleep”. The Apostle Paul wrote that if there is no resurrection, then Christians “are of all men most miserable”, because they believe in a false hope. But there will be a resurrection, and so there is hope, real hope, of living again—permanently!

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