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Is A Better World Possible?

“Is a Better World Possible?” tells about the journey that the faithful will take through the world once the Kingdom of God has been set up by its new king, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. What will we see on that journey?

First, fertile farm fields everywhere, providing food for all. Next, we will see that the laws of God are being obeyed Everyone will know and understand them and they are living by them. Jesus, as king and ruler over the entire world, is teaching all nations God’s way of living. When we look into the faces of the people of the world, we see real joy and gladness.

Why are they so happy? Sickness and disease are under control. God’s justice is so complete, evil people can no longer decide what will happen. A gracious, quiet way of life is unspoiled by human selfishness, pride, violence or hatred.

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