Meeting God His Son rszd

Meeting God, His Son, And Their Family

The account that follows is by the author of this booklet which tells how he came to have faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and the Bible

I was a young man who grew up without any religion and I was full of skepticism about the Bible. My journey to discovering Biblical Christianity may ring a bell in your heart, mind, and spirit.

I didn’t expect to end up believing these things. I only wanted to know enough about the Bible to have conversations with others about it. I was very resistant to belief at first but what I found in God’s word could not be dismissed.

In this booklet, I share not only the many things I learned along the way about God, His Word and His purpose in our world, but also something of the people I encountered, their way of life, and the spiritual community in which I eventually found a home.

I invite the reader to consider my journey and the things I discovered. My hope is that you will be encouraged to begin a similar journey of discovery.

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